Our Mission: Sustainability and Transparency

As a company, every decision we make directly impacts our planet, so it is our responsibility to minimize the carbon footprint and make the necessary adjustments to make a more sustainable world. Here are just some of the steps we are taking:

One of the efforts we are making is using an eco-friendly deionization process. This is a water system that kills 100% of bacteria, removes any traces of contaminants and purifies the water.

We also use a cold process to make our formulas - this uses little electricity and zero heat, lessening our carbon footprint.

All of our natural ingredients are sustainably sourced. We only partner with vendors that also care about the world, and have the same mission in mind.

Nothing goes to waste. We reuse anything and everything in our factory, from pallets and boxes to containers used to store other ingredients. Even our drums are re-purposed as storage and are sent with clothing and toy donations to Trinidad.

We also only print what is necessary, and take everything else online!

We are continually researching new ways in order to keep on the path of sustainability. Every little effort we make helps our beautiful planet to continue to thrive. As a brand, as consumers, as distributors, we are all on this mission together, and our combined efforts, no matter how small, can make the world of difference.

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